H'Otello Kooperationen


The Cotton Club in Munich

The Cotton Club music dinner-show comes in Munich from 06.11.2014 until 1.03.2015. H'Otello is proud sponsor and offers an exclusive package that contains both the night stay and the show tickets!

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Stage Entertainment

Stage is presenting the exciting and fascinating world of musicals and shows. H'Otello K'80 | Berlin is proud sponsor and offers an exclusive package that contains both, a stylish overnight stay and the show tickets for one of the top musicals of the season in Berlin.

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Jacks Beauty Department

The beautystore builds on a fancy design, a great selection of international prodcuts, an individual hairlounge and relaxing beautytreatments. Guest from H'Otello F'22 and H'09 receive a special price.

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The international brand LIFESTYLEHOTELS presents individual and stylish designed hotels. H'Otello K'80 | Berlin is a member and belongs to this exclusive collection.

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Urbanity. Design. Lifestyle. The perfect combination for individualists and trendconscious guests. You can convince yourself of Urbike at the H'Otello K'80 | Berlin and take a ride on our individualised bikes to explore the pulse of the city.

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Vaux as well as H'Otello combine quality and exclusivity. Vaux offers our guests, who always look for something special, a selected sparkling wine and the perfect basis for a high level cooperation.

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Lanson is always up to date and emphasises with its extaordinary creations in taste. It stylishly presents itself in an unmistakable range and offers our guests a natural taste experience.

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teNeues equips the entire library at H'Otello K'80 | Berlin. A selected range of high-quality picture books and "coffee table" books are inviting to relax and browse.

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Random House Verlag

The prestigious Random House Publishing Group is an exclusive partner of H'Otello. The monthly changin reading rehearsal written by international authors provide a "nightcap" of a special kind.

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ZEITWUNDER - Medicine Meets Beauty

Beauty is implemented in ZEITWUNDER with style and ambition - a perfect combination to the principles of H'Otello Group. The guests of the H'Otello K'80 | Berlin receive discounted rates at ZEITWUNDER.

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College of hotelmanagement in Berlin

H'Otello cooperates with the well respected college of hotel management. For involved graduates the H'Otello group offers the perfect start from middle until higher management levels.

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International University of Applied Sciences

H'Otello is partner of the dual Bachelor-Studies of the IUBH. The contemporary field of study matches perfectly with the innovative philosophy of H'Otello. Motivated students have the opportunity to start at H'Otello, a successfull career within the Hospitality Industry.

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